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Online Talks 2020


July 2020: Media Freedom and the Pandemic

In the summer of 2020, Dr. Stoyan Panov (University of Freiburg) and Dr. Rumena Filipova (Center for the Study of Democracy) joined us for a joint talk exploring the effect that the pandemic state of emergency has had across the European continent on transparency and media freedom. Dr. Panov introduced a few ideas about the EU legal framework in this regard. Dr. Filipova presented her ongoing research into press freedom in Eastern Europe.

November 2020: European Democracy Promotion

In November, we continued our series on Europe with a panel of three experts in the field: Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel, Dr. Anna Khakee and Dr. Marika Lerch. The discussion extended for two hours, forming a comprehensive picture of the politics of democracy promotion, from high level institutions (e.g. the European Parliament) to community organizing.


December 2020: EU and the People's Republic

Next in our series, in December we explored the EU's relationship with China, with the help of think tank founder Theresa Fallon. In a wide-ranging talk and Q&A, we touched on issues such as organizational elite capture and lobbying, infrastructure investments as political means, diplomacy, human rights and the global power balance.

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