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Global Affairs in Dialogue (GAD) is a students’ committee at the University College Freiburg in Germany.

As part of its members' wider commitment to and interest in the current challenges faced by different governance structures, from international organizations like the UN to local communities, the GAD's purpose is to foster the exchange of ideas between experts in the field and students.

Formerly known as the Global Order Project, the initiative was established under the patronage of the former chief prosecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo in 2015, in a collaboration with faculty and students from the University College Maastricht, University College Freiburg and Harvard University.


In recent years, the Committee has organized several talks, events, and conferences, as well as student excursions to international institutions. Periodically (usually yearly), the Committee will choose a new topic to focus its efforts on. Some of the themes we have explored in the past are immigration, international security, regulation of emerging technologies, and the EU as a global actor


Aside from our more formal events, the GAD also organizes pub quizzes, open discussions and movie nights for students interested in global affairs.

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