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GOP 2019-2020 Topic Announced

based on map by DrRandomFactor, CC BY-SA 3.0

We can now reveal that this year's topic is 'Europe as a Global Player'. In the context of a destabilization of the West, which includes disputes of trade and policy between Europe and the US, as well as Brexit, and in the wider circumstances of the expanding influence of iliberal countries like China and Russia, we believe that it is important to explore how Europe can forge its own path on the global stage. Our events and interviews in the following months will endeavour to address the following issues:

- Can the idea of a European identity become stronger than that of national identities? Is there such a thing as a European voice on the global stage?

- Is Europe capable to drive change in energy sustainability and climate policy in other areas of the world? Should it attempt to? What will be the effects if Europe doesn't act?

- Can Europe lead the way in technology ethics and legal standards in areas of disruption such as artificial intelligence?

- How can Europe maintain its humanistic and liberal values while remaining economically competitive, especially in the face of trade disputes with the US and the mounting power and influence of authoritarian China?

Further questions we wish to answer are:

- Can Europe fill the void left by increasingly chaotic US foreign policy in order to avoid conflicts e.g. in the Middle East? Should it?

- Would a European Army be likely or desirable?

- Ultimately, is Europe likely to be a dominant political power in the 21st century, or will it be relegated to the backseat as the liberal global order it has spearheaded wanes?

In the coming months, the Global Order Project will research these topics and organize film nights, quizzes and talks.

For our first stop, the team is travelling to Brussels this week to speak to political actors including MEPs, diplomats and think tanks. More details soon.


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