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Online Talk, June 24: European Identity in the Struggle of a Polarised Political System

As the next installment of our series “Europe as a Normative Power”, we are delighted to invite you to our expert talk with Dr. Mafalda Dâmaso on June 24th at 7.30pm (CEST) under the title of

"Who are “We”: European Identity in the Struggle of a Polarised Political System"

Considering the many different cultures in Europe, we ask ourselves: What does “European Identity'' mean today and what could it be in the future? Is there such a thing as a European identity, and can it co-exist with our national identities in a balanced manner? And how does a European identity contribute to the agency of the European Union?

Together, we want to explore what European Identity means to us and how it is being influenced by the new rise of nationalism in Europe.

To find an answer to those questions, Dr. Mafalda Dâmaso will share her expertise with us. Dr. Dâmaso is a London based independent researcher currently working as a lecturer for soft power and cultural diplomacy Institut Catholique de Paris in France. With a background in sociology, political science and a PhD in visual culture, her research interests center around cultural policy and diplomacy as well as culture, identity and citizenship. In the past, she has consulted the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission as an expert for culture and foreign policy. At the moment, she is also providing background research and policy recommendations for the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies of the European Parliament.

For further information on Dr. Dâmaso you may check out her website.

Join us for this online talk with Dr. Dâmaso on June 24th at 7.30pm (CEST) by registering here prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!


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