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Global Order Talk, July 23: EU Media Freedom During the Pandemic

After a prolonged break caused by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we're excited to return with an online talk. On the 23rd of July at 17:00, the Global Order Project is hosting a joint talk by international relations experts Dr. Rumena Filipova and Dr. Stoyan Panov on the situtation of media freedom in Europe during the pandemic state of emergency. The talk will be hosted live through the online platform BlueJeans. To sign up, go to this URL . We will send you a link via e-mail to get into the virtual conference a few hours before it starts.

Dr. Rumena Filipova and Dr. Stoyan Panov will share their expertise with us and answer our questions. Dr. Panov will first focus on the frameworks of the Council of Europe and their influence on the restriction of freedom of expression during times of emergency. Dr. Filipova will then introduce a few case studies from her current research on the topic and further talk about the disinformation campaigns in Europe led by China and Russia.

More about our speakers:

Dr. Rumena Filipova

Dr. Filipova is currently a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy, an interdisciplinary organization which examines democracy and the market economy. She has a DPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford and specializes in Russian policies and their influence on Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, her fields of interest comprise corruption and state capture, as well as (foreign) disinformation, propaganda, and media capture.

Dr. Stoyan Panov

Dr. Panov is a lecturer for International Law and Jurisprudence at the University College Freiburg. Among others, his research interests cover the areas of EU and international law, human rights law, anti-corruption mechanisms, and populism. In 2019, he received a fellowship from the Bulgarian Center for the Study of Democracy concerning an analysis of the EU’s response to the regression of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe.


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