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Global Order Talks Go Digital

With the new university semester, the Global Order Project has news!

Given the current global pandemic, we have decided to prepare a digital event for each month. 

Since the pandemic dashed our hopes of organizing a conference in the summer on the topic "Europe as a Global Player", we have decided to keep the theme, but transform into a series of online monthly talks starting with November 2020! This time, however, we are making a slight shift in focus, putting the spotlight on Europe's normative influence in the world.  With "Europe as a Normative Power", we are inviting internationally acclaimed experts to explore its many facets. 

As a sneak peek, we can announce that for November, we are planning a talk on the topic of democracy promotion, while in December we will be exploring EU-China relations. Please stay tuned for more information soon!  

In other news, the GOP has decided to change its name to Global Affairs in Dialogue. There will be an official separate announcement soon and a transition period, but we are letting you know so that, if you see the acronym GAD anywhere, you know it's still us!

We would also like to encourage all students of the University of Freiburg interested in becoming active with the GOP to come by one of our meetings! We are always excited for new (or old) faces and fresh ideas! If you would like to join one of our meetings, please send us a message! 


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